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What does Finland sound like today? Join us at the RIMLAB songwriting workshops, and express your views in songs and music! Songwriting workshops are organized for young people (ages 12-28), some at Helsinki Freedom Records studio (situated in Helsingin nuorisoasiainkeskus activity house Happi, on the 3rd floor), others in various locations around Finland.

The Finlandia 2.1 project has produced a series of short documentary films combining youth research with new songs and music videos produced in the RIMLAB workshops. In 2017, the Finlandia 2.1 program was followed by a series of live concerts where young people performed their own songs. This follow-up project also produced a series of filmed programmes that were published on Yle Areena in 2017 as part of the national Finland 100 programme to honor the 100 years of Finland’s existence.