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Youth Street Politics Helsinki-London // Documentary. Tiuku took part in the creation of a documentary on young people’s everyday life in virtual and physical streets and other public spaces. The documentary is built around a set of interviews and research materials gathered by professional scholars with expertise in youth research. The documentary also contains music by the young interviewees.

Ferlin i Finland (Ferlin in Finland) // audio record. A record with new Finnish songs written to texts by famous Swedish poet Nils Ferlin. The poems often portray poor and disadvantaged people, expressing the emergence of a new optic where the suffering of those most ill favoured sets the social agenda: an ethos that was, from Ferlin’s early poems in the 1930’s onwards, to result in what is now known as the Nordic Welfare State. Music by Toivo Kärki, Kaj Chydenius and Petter Korkman.

Reetu ja Lola (Reetu and Lola) // Puppetry play. Premiere at Svenska Teatern in Helsinki, Autumn 2016.

RIMLAB// Set of songwriting courses for young people of different language groups. The courses are organized in cooperation with songwriters, youth workers and youth research professionals, and results in a series of short documentaty films and an e-book. More information about the project is available here.