Public Information Cultural Factory

Tiuku club

Tiuku club was an open forum for people interested in the dissemination of publicly relevant information through cooperation between arts, media, civic action and research. The clubs were hosted by Public Information Cultural Factory (www.tiuku.org)

10.3.2015 Knowledge in Art. How does art produce and disseminate knowledge? Session directed by Markus Kåhre.

14.4.2015 Experience, knowledge and film. A filmmaker is also somebody who explores and studies the world: what’s the role of research and knowledge in film or in film music? Session directed by Petter Korkman.

12.5.2015 Reading pictures. Navigating in a visually coded world. Session directed by Janne Seppänen.

9.6.2015 A meaningful life? Improvisations in art and philosophy. Session directed by Pia Houni.

8.9.2015 Forbidden pictures, freedom of expression and film. What kinds of limits are there or should there be to the freedom of filmmakers? Session directed by Kimmo Koskinen.

13.10.2015 Where is developmen cooperation going? An update is needed on what development work dpes. Session directed by Reetta Meriläinen.

10.11.2015 How does a poem translate? Discussions on translation processes plus reading of originals and translations. Session directed by Laura Serkosalo.

15.12.2015 How to study urban lives of people and their communities in today’s world of countless visible and invisible boundaries? What can scholars and artists offer to this analysis? What kinds of boundaries need to be overcome during the process? Also, what kind of boundaries should be respected? What would we benefit (if anything) from maintaining boundaries and keeping academic and artistic ways of approaching reality separate? Speakers include documentary film maker Janne Laiho, sociologist and poet Kaisa Kuurne, and media anthropologist Johanna Sumiala.