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Why Tiuku?

Tiuku is a simple answer to a complex of questions. As scholars, as artists, as media professionals, we’re all part of a world whe reliteracy in no way guarantees that solid knowledge reaches willing ears.

Scholarly research is today more professional than ever, and also more oriented towards publications written for specialist audiences. As scholars, we are brought to think less about communicating with audiences outside the university walls. I’m sure we’d all like to refuse to be submerged in self-serving scholasticism. To do so, we need to acquire articulate voices that carry and can have an impact in a world where so many voices are straining to be heard. Media professionals similarly work in a field under intense reconstruction. It is anything but clear what tomorrow’s journalism will or, indeed, should look like. What does seem clear is that audiovisual journalism is gaining ground, and that content providers need to rethink their tools. The best results would require rich contacts both to knowledge production parties (whether scholars or experienced professionals and officials) and to arts professionals. For the artists, finally, engaging in projects with research and media components constitutes a good way of coming up with genuinely new contents, as well as a means to finding new modes of working. Together, we are strong. In joint projects, we can each do what we do best while simultaneously reaching out to audiences we would not be able to reach on our own. Together, we can come up with projects we would not even think of on our own.